FLOWLINK saves your money both in harvesting and in material handling as stable movements with the automatic brake control system save your time more than you would ever expect.

Our customers are reporting substantial improvements in efficiency - becoming even 20-40% faster with our 2-way hydraulic brake control system. Less swinging means naturally also less damage!

Check the information and videos below and in YouTube to see the difference!

"FLOWLINK is amazing - my investment is paid back just in few weeks and then it generates me money every hour and day I am working!!!"



"FLOWLINK is attached to my harvester head and suddenly I get every day around 100 logs more done than before!!!"



"FLOWLINK made me so much faster: instead of 13min, I am loading the truck only in 8 minutes - big savings daily, monthly and annually!!!"


FLOWLINK - simple, clever and strong:

  • keeps on working properly with brake - no more needs of tightening the link constantly!

  • quick and easy to install and to maintain - anyone can do it!

  • brake pads need to be changed only rarely - easily placed for maintenance!

FLOWLINK is very easy to get installed to any forestry machine or to any other application where this type of link is used, for example for loading wood or handling any other type of material.

Brake pads are wearing out slowly as the brake is on only when needed. Once you need to replace the brake pads, they are easily accessible so it will be very quick and simple for you to get them changed.




  • Brake is on only when grapple is open

  • With harvesting head it brakes when cutting wood or rolling and cutting the logs

  • Instead of automated use, also a button can be applied to use the brake when wanted to

  • Hydraulic system allows also programming connection to computer control interface


FLOWLINK materials:

  • We use only the best possible materials

  • Built to last - designed to be efficient

  • Brake pads have long life-time



FLOWLINK Guarantee

KESMAC FLOWLINK-products have a one year guarantee.

The components and the products, designed for professional use, are manufactured and assembled in Europe, and the device carries the CE label.