Flowlink brake pendant


Revolutionary invention for grapple control


Clear power for loading. With a simple smart solution, all drivers hatch top-notch loaders!


FLOWLINK is an innovation in grapple management that


  • Significantly improve the efficiency of work
  • Reduce equipment failure
  • Improve safety in a very cost-effective manner



FLOWLINK innovation speeds up wood processing significantly


  • A time saving of approximately 10 minutes in unloading and loading a timber truck will make work more efficient during the year with more than 15 man-days*.


  • When the driver harvest 150 more boles in one shift in thinning operations, 33,000 more boles accumulate per year**.
*10 minutes saving per one combined unloading/loading performance, 3 combined unloading/loading packages per day, 250 working days
**220 shifts per year

FLOWLINK does not require a computer-controlled and expensive system. FLOWLINK is simple and therefore secure. Thanks to its simple structure, it also withstands wearing very well.


Simple and durable


FLOWLINK brake pads do not wear out for replacement immediately. The friction surfaces are placed on the outer rim of the brake pendant body, not in the middle as in traditional models. Surfaces are always separate when hydraulic pressure is not required. This way, the pieces do not wear out in vain. We argue that in the equipment of the host line, the brake pads last for decades when properly adjusted and that in professional use the durability difference in favour of flowlink is significant. Added advantage: both the brake pads and their width are easily replaceable.




In flowlink, the driver has three different options. The movement of the grapple can be completely free, partially slowed down or stiffened at full force. When the movement of the grapple is controlled, hoses and hits on timber banks are also reduced.




A grapple swinging at the end of a boom is always a safety risk to property and individuals. In forestry work, especially thinnings, a work machine moving at the end of the boom can unnecessarily damage the trees that remain standing. FLOWLINK improves not only efficiency, but also site safety.

Product warranty


FLOWLINK products have a one-year warranty. Professional components are made in Europe and the products are CE marked.