Making you efficient & safe in forestry

Kesmac Oy now owns and manufactures Vallius Forestry Products.

Kesmac Forestry Products are built to last and to bring substantial savings for your business. The product pages for CUTLINK and FLOWLINK reveal you the great advantages of our cutting edge products used in forestry and in material handling.

is attached for example to excavators, forestry machines, tractors and back-hoes. Cutlink is used for cutting small-diamater wood in forests and municipalities and along road and railroad sides. It is also used for cleaning power, oil and gas lines.

is attached together with rotator to forest machines and trucks for example. Harvesting and loading wood is quicker than ever before with this 2-way hydraulic link with an efficient and long lasting automated brake control system.



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We sell and commercialise innovations and technology for the forestry and bioeconomy branches and provide expert services in business management. Thanks to our network of experts, we are able to develop customer-driven products, also for international markets, respecting sustainability values. To ensure maximum reliability, appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreements are always drawn up.

Background of practical expertise in forestry

In 2007, Lauri Vallius started the limited company Metsien Lauri, providing forestry consulting and forest management services with a satisfaction guarantee.

In December 2014, Metsien Lauri set up Vallius Forestry Oy Ltd, fully owned by the parent company.

Forest contractor Lauri Vallius cleans seedling stands and young forest stands with a brush saw. The sites vary significantly in terms of weather, terrain and other conditions. Doing the work manually is strenuous, and appropriate mechanical solutions are not available on the market, though they would essentially improve the productivity of the work.

During his holidays, lounging in the sun, Vallius happens to notice a drinks machine. In the machine, crushed ice is rotated by a conical screw.

Things suddenly connect in the forester’s brain. He realises that you could use the same principle for cutting trees: the tree roots would act as a counterbalance and the screw would feed in trunks for continuous cutting.

This was the start of the idea for a new type of seedling stand cleaner. New product got name Cutlink.

Vallius Forestry Oy Ltd is well placed for success, thanks to the following factors:

  • Comprehensive know-how in the forestry and bioeconomy branches

  • Reliance on latest research data in the application of technology and product development

  • Cooperation with an extensive network of partners with proven reliability (research universities and universities of applied sciences, funding and research organisations, companies, other experts)

After that, Vallius Forestry Products are now owned by Kesmac Oy, and Kesmac Oy continues manufacturing these Products.