Kesmac's own products

Train wagon transfer equipment

The Kesmac Train Moving System has been developed to facilitate the transfer of trains or railway wagons when the locomotive is not available in service halls, for example. The applications of the equipment are railway and freight stations, as well as train maintenance and repair halls. Contact us, we will tell you more about the product!

Silos, silo presses, pre-steam silos and conveyors


Kesmac Oy specialises in various silos and tanks with special technology, e.g. the specification, storage and transport of wood, chewing, peat, granulat or many other bulk goods. Belt, chain and screw conveyors are also manufactured for use in the process and processing industries.


Bulk buster silo unloader


Bulk Buster is a popular silo jar because its two separate unloaders ensure reliability. The device is also affordable for operating and maintenance costs. Hydraulically operated disassembly arms feed loose material to the discharge screw evenly and efficiently. Thanks to the mini-hydraulic, the motor can be small. No separate screw chute is required, as the discharge screw is located in the base structure. Energy consumption has been reduced because the unloader arms operate on an inclined surface and only start when necessary, i.e. when loose material tends to vault in a silo.

The Bulk Buster silo unloader is also suitable for a silo that acts as a pressure can. The material of the silo is steel or stainless steel. The standard diameters of the silos we manufacture are 1340, 1910, 2390, 2870, 3820, 4780, 5730 mm and 2000-6000 mm. Reception pockets can also be built in silos.


Pre-vaporation silos


In thermodynamics plants, the temperature can reach up to 60-98 °C. The silos needed for the dosing and heating of chips and the elimination of harmful gases are our specialty.


Water treatment equipment

Water purification tanks


We manufacture various water purification and pH control tanks, screenings, nozzles, conveyors and separators for water treatment plants and process industry needs.


Water purification and pH control tank


The water purification and pH control tank manufactured by Kesmac Oy is designed for use by water treatment plants and the pulp and paper industry, although the tanks are suitable for any use that requires the separation of solids from liquids. The bottom structure consisting of tank nozzles allows water to pass through when cleaned and, if necessary, pH-adjusted or chlorinated. Solids and impurities accumulated above the nozzles in the lime groats and sand deposits, as well as on the surface, are removed by counter-current rinsing, which can be automated if necessary.


Wedge wire sieve


The operation of the wedge wire sieve is based on a specially built wedge wire surface that absorbs water from the surface of the sieve, causing solids to wander to the bottom of the sieve for removal, for example, in a waste container or conveyor. The stainless steel and, if necessary, acid-resistant steel appliance significantly reduces wastewater costs and is also affordable for operating and maintenance costs. Increase cleaning capacity and oxidation power in water treatment plants. The Kesmac wedge wire sieve is also suitable for the needs of the process industry in the extraction, recovery and washing of various ingredients.


Sand Separator


The Sand Separator, developed by Kesmac Oy, effectively extracts liquid from sand or other sediment. The device is suitable for use by water treatment plants, wastewater plants and the process industry. The structure is stainless and, if necessary, acid-resistant steel and is optimized to prevent turbulence and harmful currents. The input is equipped with a flow absorber and the discharge connection is equipped with a screen and dam threshold. The Kesmac sand separator is also manufactured as a closed structure. Kesmac sand separator is also manufactured as a closed structure.


Steel halls

Kesmac Oy has resources, a good network of suppliers and experience in comprehensive project deliveries. Since the construction of our own industrial hall, customers have been offered an easy overall service for building steel halls. Our own surface treatment line (blasting, sandblasting and wet painting) speeds up schedules.


The design of buildings related to heat production, water treatment, storage and production is easy to do hand in hand with an overall supplier familiar with the plant's operations or technology. This will also result in time and cost savings and best schedule the different phases of the project.

Blackening devices

Kesmac manufactures powerful metal blackening devices for industrial needs.