Production processes

Laser cutting

Kesmac Oy has three laser cutting stations 2100×4300 mm, the most powerful of which is 4200 W. In addition to thick steel (e.g.max 40 mm Fe board, max 15 mm sis2343 plate), the equipment is also suitable for cutting plastic, wood, brass, aluminium and rubber.


The work processes proceed efficiently with an edging press with up to 225 tn under one roof, solid plate mangle, laser and robot welding, and new broaching drill, radial drill and milling equipment. Dimensional accuracy is achieved across the board, and water cutting also enables particularly precise cuts for special materials.


Benefits of laser cutting


  • Speed and good dimensional accuracy 0.15 mm
  • Smooth cut
  • Nesting saves raw materials
  • Narrow change zone
  • Suitable for many materials
  • Also small series
  • At their best on curved surfaces and holes
  • Pipe openings are made with pipe laser

Water cutting

The advantage of water cutting is dimensional accuracy (0.1─0.3 mm) and gentle treatment of the cutting surface. There is no need for post-work and thanks to the four nozzles, up to four pieces can be cut at the same time. Cutting at a pressure of more than 4000 bar, the water jet does not cause thermal variation of material such as combustion cutting, so water cutting is suitable not only for steel, but also for special metals for wood, plastic, plywood, glass fibre and stone.


Kesmac Oy's water cutting line (table size 3000 x 6000 mm) also has a turning cutting head for bevels and cone holes.


Benefits of water cutting


  • Accuracy 0.35 mm
  • Also for thick materials (max. 150 mm)
  • For all materials
  • Four nozzles
  • Swivel head for bevel cutting, 3 pcs
  • No heat changes
  • Two water cutting machines are in use

Robot welding

Kesmac has two robotic welding stations. Robotic welding enables automated MIG and MAG welding. As a method, it is a very cost-effective and fast way to handle both traditional and demanding welding work. In robotic welding, the arm robot transports the welding burner agilely around the weldable piece attached to the welding station. Robot welding provides top accuracy for welding and is suitable for both the implementation of accurate single pieces and serial production. 


Benefits of robot welding


  • Exact welding trace
  • Fast serial production
  • Suitable for many purposes
  • Produces less waste
  • Safe 
  • Suitable for the manufacture of single pieces

Carousel sing-over

The carousel ring produces spinning pieces that rotate symmetrically around objects' own axis. The manufacturing can be carried out on the basis of an existing model, drawing, 3D model or even just skis. Kesmac is carrying out carousel sing-over as a subcontractor for industry in North Karelia.

Broaching drill

Broaching drilling is mainly used to make geometrically accurate circle holes. Turning can be done inside and outside the pieces. Kesmac's versatile equipment base and long experience enable all kinds of broaching drilling work.