Machine list

Modern and extensive machine base

Laser cutting station 3 pcs

Fibre laser 2500 x 6000 mm

Power 15 kW

Cutting power Fe 40 mm
Cutting power is2343 40 mm
Pipe laser for opening pipes


Water cutting line 3 pcs
Plate size 3000×6000 mm
Cutting heads 4 pcs
Rotating end 3 pcs for beans and cones


CNC+machine tools

CNC-portal-frame-type milling machine X=6000mm Y=4000mm Z=1400mm
control Siemens 828D


Broaching drill X=6000mm Y=1950mm Z=800mm
Carousel lathe D 4000 
Machining center YANG X=1300 Y=600 21 tools
Machining center Mori Seiki MH63 60 tools
Lathe Storebro 1400 x 5000 mm
Lathe Mori Seiki d 600 x 600
Manual milling machine Weida XZ6326 X=600, Y=300
Radial drill 2 pcs
Cant machine


CNC edging presses

Jaromet working length 6000 mm force 600 tn
Haco working length 5000 mm force 220 tn
Schiavi working length 3000 mm force 80 tn


Plate mangle MG
MG L=2000 mm CNC-control 4 rolls
BIKO L= 3000 mm CNC-control 4 rolls


Welding equipment
Welding rod, Mig, Tig 2 robotic stations


Cutting saw 2 pcs
Cabinet saw and private sand blower


Doors 5700x 6000* mm (*hight unmeasured)
Quality system ISO 9001


Halls in Kitee and Kesälahti 10,000 m2 + office space 400 m2


Lifting capacity of 20 tons