CUTLINK copse grubber


Revolutionary innovation in mechanical grubbing-up


The CUTLINK copse grubber is a simple and powerful tool for all small wood clearing.


CUTLINK is a solution for both machine entrepreneurs and forest owners who are looking for a reliable solution for pre-clearing of stem or seedling care. It is also ideal for electric lines and branches.


The device is lightweight and does not impose high requirements on the hydraulics of the chassis machine. Therefore, it is suitable for use with chassis machines of different sizes, from a small agricultural tractor to an excavator.

The new technology is efficient and safe


CUTLINK technology is based on a simple solution: the cone screws continuously feed the frames to be cut off and the work is not interrupted if impurities hit the blade. Screws do not crush and rub the frames broken. The trees break like a rotating guillotine cutter when they settle against the back blade. Slow-rotating (300 rpm) screws do not throw wooden snuffs, stones or debris into the environment. In this way, work is safe even in urban areas or near cliffs, rocks, fences and other structures. Thanks to the cone screw technology, no big rounds are required from the chassis machine. This saves fuel, and the work is quiet.

Advantages of lightness and low maintenance


CUTLINK, which is manufactured in Finland, is made for professional use. The device to be installed on the end of the boom is omnivorable and breaks the trees up to 11 centimeters in diameter. The fast-moving device is easy to control thanks to its lightness (from 220 kg). It can withstand impacts and possible ground contact, and the driver can focus on efficient steering. The consumption parts are made of Hardox 400 steel. In addition to efficiency, the advantage of the device is a low need for maintenance. The device has three lubrication points and adjustable blades can be sharpened with an angle grinder (the recommended sharpening interval for active use is about a week). The blades can later be fillwelded or replaced.

Cutlink specs


Models SCR2, SCR3, SCR4, SCR6

Weight 220 / 330 / 440 / 660 kg

Cutting width 70 / 105 / 140 / 210 cm

Hydraulic yield requirement
60 l/min 180 bar – 100 l/min 280 bar SCR3
80 l/min 180 bar – 160 l/min 280 bar SCR6

Cutting power 6,5-11 tn

One-time cut-off mechanism 11cm (up to 15cm)

Height of the stump 10-25 cm

Chassis requirement
Small excavator/drive/agricultural tractor (SCR2)
Excavator/harvester/tractor (SCR3)(SCR4)
Excavator/harvester (SCR6)

Product warranty


Kesmac Cutlink products have a one-year warranty.

The professional components of the equipment are made in Europe, and the products are CE marked. In the future, the equipment will also have the possibility of biological stump treatment and the collection of felled trunks. These options for the future are also to be retrofitted for existing Cutlink users.