Kesmac – With a steel grip

We are a workshop specialising in laser and water cutting. Our own engineering products are mainly water treatment equipment, conveyors and metal blackening devices for blackening metal products for customers. We are an efficient and competent partner and we also respond to challenging implementations. It is made possible by our own design team, laser and water cutting lines, automatic blackness line, modern laser weeding and robotic weafling in skilled control! As a novelty, we have 3D manufacturing. We use the most modern and high-quality technology in laser cutting. We also perform laser cutting with the latest fibre laser cutting machine (15 kW) with a table size of 2500 x 6500 mm, which makes it possible to make large pieces. Laser cutting is an overwhelming method for cutting pieces that require precision.

We have an ISO9001 certificate enabled


Fibre laser 15 kw

Broaching drill X=6000mm Y=1950mm Z=800mm

Vertical lathe 4200 mm

CNC-portal-frame-type milling machine X=6000mm Y=4000mm Z=1400mm


    •  Design service
    • Laser cutting
    • Water cutting
    • Robot welding
    • Carousel sing-over
    • Portal-frame-type milling machine
    • Broaching drill